A Buyer's Guide to Leather Footwear

You might be a millennial considering purchasing your first pair of shoes, and keeping in mind that you might have heard many verbal exchange suggestions from your seniors or chic companions about the advantages of leather and suede shoes. There are a lot of elements that you need to think about while purchasing a pair of shoes. This blog is to fill in as a prologue to what you can anticipate from your pair of WedgeMen shoes.


Lifetime Impact of Leather

Most shoes in Pakistani market are made of Rexene or texture. While these shoes appear as though a Leather shoe (or far superior sometimes), they are intended to be disposable. Regardless brand you might pick, the show won’t last you more than 1-2 seasons. A Leather shoe can last you a lifetime, while you might have to fix it after a couple of years however the upper won’t tear/harmed even with most unpleasant use. This is the justification for why it cost 10x more to a producer to make Leather shoes and furthermore the motivation behind why shoes made up of Leather and Suede are sold at higher rates. You are paying for the quality and supportability.


Break In Span

 The break-in period is the time that leather shoe takes to form itself to the state of your feet. A counterfeit calfskin/Rexene shoe doesn’t change its shape during its lifetime. This is the justification for why leather shoes invest in some opportunity to become comfortable and when they do they are more easy to wear than anything you have worn previously. Many people purchasing the shoes for the first time are worried when they see that their shoes are hard/awkward contrasted with the shoes they have been wearing for what seems like forever. While the awkward feel might be because of size issue, and assuming that is the case you ought to constantly get your shoes exchanged however assuming the measuring is right you need to wear the Leather shoes for half a month prior to they break-in.


Shoes Sole Comparison - Leather Vs Rubber

Leather sole vs Rubber sole is a well established debate and it comes close to the contention of iOS vs Android in our view. We manufacture both leather sole and rubber sole shoes, consequently we don’t have an inclination and we won’t attempt to persuade you about the prevalence of one sole over another yet as a purchaser you should know what you are getting. The vast majority purchasing leather sole for the first time in their life don’t have the foggiest idea what to expect. The foremost advantage of leather sole is its luxurious feel and look, each Leather sole shoe sold by WedgeMen is hand painted and hand made, this means each sole is a piece of craftsmanship where a craftsman leaves their mark on the workmanship that they made. Rubber sole is appropriate for certain utilizations, for example, hiking boots, and the places where shoes interact with water continually. Rubber sole shoes are delicate contrasted with leather sole shoes, they are waterproof. Consequently assuming you are considering purchasing a boot, we would propose going for an Rubber sole shoe. Furthermore, Leather sole is breathable and ingests dampness, so you never need to wear a sock while wearing a Leather sole shoe. Thirdly, it underside molds to your feet shape after break-in period as talked about above. Thus assuming you are searching for a party wear shoe that will head turner, we recommend going with Leather sole shoes.




Leather shoes have thousand advantages when contrasted with different shoes however tragically they truly do have one pitfall, since cowhide is produced using the skin of animals, it wrinkles when its curve during use. While utilizing a great leather might decrease the possibilities of kinks and around here at WedgeMen, we ensure that we utilize best grain leather, there is dependably a likelihood that leather shoes will wrinkle. Along these lines, assuming this is your first pair of leather shoes, don’t stress at the earliest hint of kinks as that is they cost of maintainability that we need to pay.

Manufacture & Finishing

Every leather shoes produced by WedgeMen is handmade. What this means is that every shoe is colored by a finish man, every extra thread is trimmed off, the sole is grinded smooth

What this means is that no two pairs are exactly the same, every pair that you buy is one of a kind and this means it is not a soulless excess produced by a faceless corporation but produced by a person who puts individual effort into making something special for you. Wedge men shoes are available to purchase after Italian Finishing.


Eventually, we welcome you to the society of leather shoe proprietors and trust that we here at WedgeMen will persuade you to turn into a long lasting individual from this fraternity with our best footwear. Assuming that you have any inquiries or any remarks really do impart it to us!